The 2008 Clinton Election Was a Disaster

In my view Hillary Clinton could only have won the way her husband did — if the GOP splintered and a third-party candidate rose to take votes away from the Republican nominee. That is how Bill won in 1992 and 1996, with less than 50% of the vote. Bill Clinton got only 43% of the vote in 1992 with Ross Perot getting (19%), and received 49% in 1992 when Perot ran again and still got 9%. The GOP nominees those years, George H.W. Bush in 1992 received 41%, and Bob Dole in 1996 received 41%.

All that to say that if Republicans had been united and strongly conservative in 1992 and 1996, we would have never had Bill Clinton as President. The same in 2008.

A lawsuit accusing Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton’s brother of failing to repay debts to a Tennessee carnival operator was settled in the Autumn of 2007. Tony Rodham was accused of failing to repay $107,000 plus interest to the bankrupt estate of Edgar Allen Gregory Jr. and his wife, Vonna Jo, both of whom received a presidential pardon in 2000. The case was scheduled to go to trial on Thursday, but the parties reached a settlement agreement, said Rodham attorney Samuel Crocker. The terms were not disclosed. Rodham had claimed in court documents the money he received from the Gregorys was for consulting services, but the trustee for the Gregory estate said it was a loan. The Gregorys received pardons for a bank fraud conviction from President Clinton about two years after Rodham became a paid consultant to United Shows of America, a carnival business the couple owned.

Political Vision

In the spring of 1993, shortly after her husband and political benefactor Bill Clinton took office as the nation’s 42nd president, Hillary Clinton delivered the commencement address at the University of Texas. In her speech, Hillary reiterated the theme that has been at the heart of her political vision from the start:

”We are at a stage in history in which remolding society is one of the great challenges facing all of us in the West.”

“Remolding society.” This is the terminology of a utopian socialist, one who seeks to remake society according to a narrow and dogmatic ideology that claims to eliminate injustice, poverty, and unhappiness, once and for all. Hillary’s ideology is an amalgam of New Left marxism and grievance feminism, the kind of unwholesome stew that is commonplace on elite college campuses.

Significantly, the term “remolding” — unlike such terms as “reform” or “renew” — reflects a sweeping rejection of society as it currently exists: family structure (too patriarchal), economic organization (favors the rich), social practices (discriminate against women and minorities), and so on. In other words, someone who believes that society needs to be “remolded” is someone who, at bottom, cannot see any good in the American way of life — and someone who, if she could, would radically change that way of life. Who doubts that this describes Hillary Clinton?

Lest anyone think that a more mature and experienced Hillary Clinton has tempered her political objective, consider her recent speech in Concord, New Hampshire, at an event over Labor Day weekend that her campaign titled “Change We Need.” In her speech, Hillary forthrightly declared: “I will bring my experience to the White House and begin to change our country starting on Day One.” That’s right: Change our country. As her official campaign website illustrates, Hillary means what she says.


Now if you have ever heard of the US pentagon but have no idea what it is, here are a few things you should know.

The US pentagon in line with its name is a five sided building that rests on 580 acres of land in Arlington County, Virginia. Occupying 6,500,000 square feet in floor size, the Pentagon is one of the largest office buildings ever built in the world. This sprawling building was designed by George Bergstrom an American architect and the building executed by John McShain, a Philadelphian. The building project of this magnificent construction began on September the 11th, 1941 and was completed on January 15th, 1943. About 28000 employees comprising military and civilians work in the pentagon. The tale of the US pentagon has not been so rosy. It has undergone a couple of security threats and attacks.

During the late 1960s, the US pentagon attracted a lot of protesters who used it as a spot to protest against the Vietnam War. However, one major attack that shook the US pentagon was the September 11 attacks. On September 11, 2001 which was also the 60th anniversary of the Pentagon, a team of five al-Qaeda terrorists hijacked the American Airlines Flight 77 on its way to Los Angeles International Airport and crashed it into the west wing of the Pentagon. Death casualties from this crash numbered 189 with 64 being the number of occupants on the plane: all of whom lost their lives and 125 being the number of people who were in the building. On, the bright side though, the steel reinforcements which were part of the pentagon’s structure, kept the building from collapsing for about thirty minutes, resulting in safety of hundreds of people, who crawled out of the building.
In the face of this attack that could have broken the defence of most countries, the Pentagon proved to be the heart and soul of the US defence, by its rescue and recovery efforts after the September 11 attack. Over a period of 17 days, the FBI successfully worked hand in hand with professionals, local emergency and law enforcement agencies on the site because they had premonitions of such attacks and have been trained for it. The pentagon was also rebuilt with more reinforcements within a year. Despite all this the pentagon is still on the to-do lists of most tourists.

So in case you decide to visit the amazing US pentagon, you should know that a lot of awe striking sights await you. These include over corridors that are 17.5 miles stretched, 19 escalators, 250 toilets, 4200 clocks, 3,800,000 square feet of offices, a subway station, 691 drinking fountains, 13 elevators and lots of cafeterias and snack bars!

To learn the history of the war state and the Pentagon get Michael Swanson’s new book titled the War State. It takes a look at the origins of the military-industrial complex and today’s American power elite. You can also follow him at his website

Understanding The 200-Day Moving Average

The 200 day moving average is a well known stock analysis indicator used by many traders to analyze price trends. It is a long-term analysis tool that looks at the closing prices of a stock for the last 200 days.

How does it work?

As stated above, the 200-day moving average is defined by adding the closing prices of a stock for the last 200 days and dividing by 200. This will give you a smoothed average and an insight on the present trend and the future price of the underlying stock. Usually a positive number indicates that the stock price is at the bearish position while a positive number shows that the price is at a bullish position. Any stock that is trading higher than the 200-moving average is said to be moving in the long term uptrend. For example if you look at gold stocks you will see that move of them are above this key indicator right now so are in a bull market.

When the moving average is plotted, it will seem as if the market is more bearish when the moving average reduces, while the market becomes more bullish when it increases. However, the reverse is the case. A 200-moving average at a high level is a good indication that the market will soon reverse downwards. This position shows that most traders are expecting a turnaround. New buyers become very few as sellers are gearing up to pitch their tent towards the reverse position. On the other hand, a low reading is a clear indication of a bullish reversal. The market is gearing up to reverse from being bullish to being bearish.

Why does it matter?

The 200-moving average is a great technical analysis tool that helps traders to understand when the market trend changes. It lets you know the difference between a technically viable stock and an unhealthy stock. This moving average helps traders determine the overall condition of the market. Just like the big precious metals shares are doing the junior mining stocks are going up too with them. Moving average is also used to determine when to enter the market and when to exit.

Combining the 200-moving average with the 50-moving average

Usually, most traders combine the 200-moving average with other smaller level moving averages to get what is known as a convergence. This helps them avoid lots of market fake-outs considering the rate of volatility in the stock market. They will be able to make better trading decisions and know when to enter or exit trades using moving average convergence method. If the 50-day moving average cuts across the 200-day moving average from below, it is known as the Golden Cross. However, a cross from above is referred to as the Death Cross. This will help you easily decide when to go long (when it crosses below) or when to go short (when it crosses above).

Facebook Stock Price Is Overvalued By 75%

Although Facebook is still rocking the internet industry, this does not really explain why its stock price is overvalued by 78 percent. The stock price sits around $50 per share and investors a feeling it’s overvalued considering that its products are not as tangible as products of other companies that share similar stock price. The most feasible reason why facebook is overvalued would be that it depends heavily on advertising revenue. This means that it’s not flexible and innovative enough, which primarily affects other aspects of their business.

Although, Facebook has had measurable progress in the mobile front but is it enough to justify its $75 billion stock market value? Most probably not! Investors are not expecting facebook to track back to $15 but the stock is definitely overvalued at its current level. Based on its current level and other statistics, facebook should not be traded for more than $25.

Investors are of the opinion that Facebook will definitely find avenues to increase its profit enormously from its more than a billion users, even though it will take them years to reach there. So, they are ready to overlook the company’s heavy spending and lofty evaluation of their shares because they feel that in time Facebook will be worth more than its current valuation.

Last week, Facebook shares plummeted a bit by 6% after fourth quarter results was reported by the company and was even impacted by big moves in currencies and the gold price today. The stock was equally under critical review when Facebook unexpectedly announced that its operating expenses would increase by more than 50% in 2014 to carter for its product development projects and other business areas.

This overvaluation of Facebook shares is even coming at a time when Facebook is undergoing a stage of massive investments in its mobile advertising which will further throw concerns to investors regarding where they are headed financially. But with the gradual shift from desktop to tablets, smartphones, and other devices, Facebook made about $300 million in mobile advert revenue alone. This gives a strong indication that the company is headed in the right direction regarding profit generation. But the sources of concern are other areas of its business that are growing slowly. In the fourth quarter of 2013, desktop ad revenue only increased by 9% to $1 billion. There is still the growing concern that mobile ads might alienate users, which may further reduce its financial growth potentials.

Currently, Zuckerberg and his allies are doing a good job to ensure that the high stock price placed on Facebook is justified. But, weather they achieve this aim in the long run remains to be seen. Facebook is also a stock mentioned in the new book Collapse! as a stock that will crash.